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Providing Enhanced, Value Added Facility Services to Keep Your Buildings, and Properties Looking Their Best

We take the stress out of facilities management while saving you money. Building interiors can become a big distraction if they are not properly maintained, which will inevitably develop into larger costly issues. Let the EFS team help keep your building interior in top shape. With over three decades of experience, we have been providing companies with a wide variety of interior facility cleaning, and maintenance services to keep their facilities running effectively.

Our interior cleaning, and maintenance services include everything you need to keep your facilities running smoothly, and effectively. Whether it is provided by one of our dedicated staff members, or an affiliate, we will be full hands-on, coordinating all activities, duties, tasks at hand.

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As a full-service, exterior, and interior facility services company, we offer best-in-class solutions coupled with decades of experience and expertise. Contact us today at 613-695-9244 to find out how we can tailor our services to your specific needs. Remember, “ONE CALL, DOES IT ALL”

** All cleaning/janitorial services are customized for the seasonal demands of your facility. From winter salt stains to spring mud, we can keep your facility clean all season long with quality commercial cleaning service. We understand the varying needs of your facility change throughout the year, so while the weather may be unpredictable – your cleaning/janitorial service won’t be.


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